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Emerica adds a Vegan Button!!!

Emerica has a new site layout! Are you looking for a Vegan Shoe, In-Stock, size 15?    Well your hosed, because they don’t make a size 15.  For the rest of us with non-freakishly large feet and a desire to … Continue reading

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Habitat Vireo

The Vireo is yet another all Vegan skate shoe from Habitat’s Spring 2011 line. The Vegan Police gave the nod for Habitat’s Moray a few weeks ago. This one has a Vulcanized sole, instead of the cup sole on the Moray. … Continue reading

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Ed Templeton Talks Skating, Art, and Snacks

Ed Templeton interview from on Vimeo. In the interview Ed ask’s, “What can he do for skating?”, put out another shoe like below.  And fill out a Vegetable Shredder, if you’re reading this.

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Emerica Toy Machine China Flats

Vegan shoes from a Vegan Pro Skateboarder. Toy Machine China Flats from Emerica with all your favorites, Devil Man, the Turtle Guy, Purple thing, some Black Eye. For sometime I have been rocking some faux slip-on shoes (de-laced & shredded … Continue reading

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NASH Sidewalk Surfer

picked up this little number today,  clay wheels and all. One of the wheels is missing it’s bearings.  I’ll get some ceramics in there and rip it up…

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Dekline Archer

Dekline Shoes are tightly knit into the skate world with parent company being skateboarding giant, Tum Yeto and all. The Dekline Archer is as good a place to start on the Vegan Skate offerings (alpha-numerically speaking) Its a simple Canvas … Continue reading

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Simple Sno Tire

Do you remember Simple skate shoes?  I had a pair, my sister had a pair, pretty sure my brother in-law still has a pair. (He still has a freestyle board though)  Simple is still making the Sno Tire. Though they … Continue reading

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C1RCA Tony Tave

Get them while the gettings good, because C1RCA’s Vegan ship may not be coming into port Fall 2011. Bummer. However last year(s) Tony Tave is predominantly in the Vegan Camp. Just check out this sweet annotated image. I dig the … Continue reading

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The Vegan Black Metal Chef

Double Dose of the Devil Dude! Skatergoats Gotta eat. The Vegan Black Metal Chef has been stabbing and slashing at the cauldron to make some tasty dishes. I recommend some ritual horde maneuvers at your local barrier to work up … Continue reading

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Emerica Stay Gold Easter Egg – BAKU

Yesterday I posted a Vegetable Shredder for Shawn and he was name dropping Barrier Kult, so I figured I would give everyone a dose of what everyone seems to be vibing on… If you haven’t yet seen Emerica’s Stay Gold, … Continue reading

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