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Osiris Chaveta

The Osiris Chaveta, part of the skateboard line, still has one vegan colorway. The all upper canvas mid-tops come in black (like your soul); making them more subdued then what you may think of when you think Osiris. The one … Continue reading

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Enchiladas Tonight!

Honorary Vegetable-Shredder, Abigail has an authentic Enchiladas recipe to share. No casserole dishes and jars of pre-made sauce! These are the real uh, yeah…enchiladas. For the sauce you need: 1 cup of plan soy milk (one that has a very … Continue reading

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Lurkville – Khannibalism Series

Lurkville Skateoards has been making decks with a style from the early 60s, Russ Meyer films, hotrod culture since the get go. These three decks in the Khannibalism series are from guest artist and international retro-rock super star, King Khan!  … Continue reading

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Dekline Daily

Dekline Daily is a slim skateboard shoe that reminds us black goes with everything. This Vegan colorway comes in an all black twill canvas upper. A solid toe cap gives an even wear surface all the way back in the … Continue reading

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Love under a bridge

My first visit to Burnside was in February of 2001. It was a particularly dry week and I was able to skate just about everywhere. I was on tour and spent most of my time either in a Kinkos on … Continue reading

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VSB interviews Liberator Writer, Matt Miner

Matt Miner, writer of the new comic book Liberator, a story about two activists that go under ground to rescue animals, as of this writing over 2/3’s has been funded on Kickstarter. Miner has been an Animal Rights activist for … Continue reading

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Emerica Jinx Second Look Skate Review

The Jinx is one of two vegan skateboard shoe from Emerica for the Holiday 2012 season. VSB started our skate review about 3 weeks ago and put in about 10 solid hours of skating. Combining a mix of the Reynolds … Continue reading

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Vegetable Shredder – Steve Fauser

NAME: Steve Fauser LOCATION: Chicago OCCUPATION: Production manager at the infamous Chicago Vegan Foods Where do you like skating? Chicago is a great place to go skateboarding. But traveling to go skate is always the best! New roads, new spots, … Continue reading

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DC Pure

DC Pure is all Vegan in this Zumiez exclusive Battleship Grey colorway! The all heavy duty canvas upper has triple reinforced stitching in the toes and multiple lacing options around the ollie area give you some protection for the laces. … Continue reading

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Man by Steve Cutts

This short is a cheeky, but serious look at how humans are f’ing up. Something to ponder in this new year. Stealing a line from our favorite Vegan Grocery Store, “Vegan means I’m trying to suck less.” Think about where … Continue reading

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