Defeat North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill

The North Carolina house passed Ag-Gag bill, HB 405, “Civil Remedies for Interference With Property,” early last week.   An “Ag-Gag” bill seeks to punish whistleblowers and undercover investigators who video record cruel or criminal animal abuse in agricultural businesses.  The bill which is designed to financially cripple people for documenting animal cruelty or human safety violations will go into law if North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory does not veto by May 30th.

Ag-Gag bills are categorically unconstitutional and destroy a first amendment right to Freedom of Speech; Lauding the property rights of business owners over their criminal abuse and negligence. Only four states, (Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, and Utan) have successfully passed Ag Gag laws. Contact Governor McCrory (he’s even on Twitter @PatMcCroryNC) and let him know what you think of HB 405 before we have a fifth state protecting animal abusers.  You can also visit the NoAgGag site and sign a petition, or if you’re interested in getting directly involved, MFA is always looking for help.

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