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Etnies vegan skateboard shoe Jameson MT bloodline canvas

Etnies Jameson MT is a new model in the Jameson Bloodline and has a vegan colorway! The Jameson 2 was the first shoes we posted on VSB and has remained a staple in Etnies vegan offerings. A basic skateboard shoe – the line has served as a functional team model.Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineJameson MT (mid-top) shares the same simple aesthetic including the minimal stitch lines of its predecessor, but, as we’ve experienced first hand, this really is its own shoe from the tongue to the sole. The upper is dark navy canvas with faux-leather detail on the tongue (and inside of the heel strap) and sky-blue logo, eyelets and printed Etnies logo.Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineBreaking the shoe down, we have named five features that make the Jameson MT unique: a solid one-piece toecap, mesh and padded tongue/collar, a cupsole with a rounded foxing tape, dual surface sole, and lastly a stiff side paneling that feel strong and supportive.Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineThe toes are noticeably longer, tapered and more narrow then the Jameson 2. This makes for a nice flick and more connected feel. The rounded foxing tape around the toe is a bit out of the ordinary. Although not obvious if the rounded edge has a functional impact, at the very least it’s a different style than the typical skate shoe. Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineThe collar and tongue are made up of the mesh and foam combo you can see in the picture above. It’s SUPER breathable and has been featured in several higher-end Sole Tech skate shoes (Herman G6 and Reynolds High).Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineThe tongue isn’t puffy, but it feels super soft and protected like a puffy tongued shoe. A wide elastic band secures the tongue straight in place and further adds to the secure, supported (if not snug) fit of the Jameson MT.Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineThe “Etnies Duo Grip” is something we haven’t seen before,and the color scheme may seem a bit odd – but how much are you really looking at the soles of your shoes? At first look (and feel) both surfaces appear slick, making us skeptical of the grip not to mention the potential break-in period.  That being said, the first skate was slightly slick, but that soon gave way to a more traditional grip however, the middle zig-zag section of the shoe hasn’t worn as much and even adds a slight arch to the shoe. Usually this section of a skate shoe seems to wear flat after awhile but the MT is holding strong.  The grip of the shoe overall increased, but a strange transformation happened over a few skate sessions as you can see below…Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineAt first glance it looks like someone took a wrong step with both shoes. Thats not the case though, on the right top side you see a close up of what looks like some fuzzy whiskers that have sprouted from the sole. If you get a pair of the Jameson MT, don’t freak if your soles get hairy. Thats just part of the recycled composite material of the cupsole! Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineThe ollie patch and tip of the shoe are showing some wear and could use a small dab of Shoe-Goo before they give way to a full on hole. This is at about 8 hours of skating.Etnies Vegan Skateboard Shoes Canvas Jameson MT BloodlineThe Jameson MT is certainly a canvas shoe – it’s showing some prominent holes but has a lot of life left in it. That being said, the shoe still feels excellent when skating. Baring in mind the expectations of canvas, this is an excellent shoe.  If you like the support of a mid-top skateboard shoe this would be a great choice.  The Jameson MT breaths exceedingly well due to the canvas upper coupled with the incorporation of the mesh tongue and collar!  The one deal breaker for some is going to be the narrowness of the shoe.  If you have wide feet you may feel constrained and might want to check out the Etnies Rap CT which is significantly roomier.  For those that like a slimmed down mid-top though, you’ll want to give the Jameson MT a try.

Etnies sizes 7.5, 9-14 $64.99

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