International Women’s Day – Peggy Oki

To pay respect to the Women of skateboarding and one of modern skateboardings founders and Vegetable Shredders, Peggy Oki here is a clip from the 2006 documentary SkateGirl(Peggy @2:33). She gives a glimpse into her past, as the only girl on the infamous, Z-Boys Skate Team.

Peggy is not just a skater, surfer and Vegan. She is a committed activist and inspiring artist who has spend years working on the protection of Whales.

Check out her site for more info on the Origami Whales Project.

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2 Responses to International Women’s Day – Peggy Oki

  1. wow, inspirational. what an incredible story. i had no idea about her or that she was part of the z-boys.

  2. Lucas says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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