Fallen Slash

Vegan Fallen Slash skateboard shoesThe Fallen Slash has some styling new Vegan colorways for Spring 2012! Don’t fret skateboard heathens, they are both black like your soul, with a hint of cool color.

Fallen Vegan Skateboard shoe

The Black and Cyan is a heavy duty canvas upper all over. Vulc soles for great board feel with the cyan foxing tape look really good. Also check out that inner heal support and Fallen logo.  The collars have a nice bit of padding and heel scoop to keep your feet snug and protected.

Fallen Slash Vegan skateboard shoeThe black and purple Slash are made with a canvas upper siding and synthetic suede toe cap! This is a great choice for some extended shred time. Were always excited to see that integration.

Vegan Skateboard shoes by FallenSee that goat on the insole? That is the purple of the black and purple colorway. Think of it as a satanic burn potion for heal bruising.

Dan’s Comp Shop for Black/Cyan size 8-14 $54.99

Skate Warehouse for Black/Purple size 7-13 $54.99

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  1. Christian says:

    Nice! Are they always synthetic (black/purple)? Because Fallen sometimes make the same shoe in two versions: animal suede – normal version, and synthetic suede – “need to look for it” version 😉

    • Mr Fakie says:

      This particular pair is from the Spring 2012 line, which is listed from BlackBox as Synthetic suede. They are pretty good at listing them, and right now the Spring Catalog is up at the Fallen site. However some of the retailers and third-party sellers are terrible when it comes to listing the actual material. Thanks for the heads up though. When I am unsure I generally skip over or get assurance from the manufacture.

  2. Anon says:

    Whatever happened to the Fallen Heretic? I heard Emerica stopped making it once Thomas opened Fallen as a gesture of respect given he designed the base of the shoe. It was such a good shoe for work and skating and now they don’t seem to list it on their site.. bummer.

    I think it was called the 1994 or something.

    • Mr Fakie says:

      yeah I’ve only heard of the Emerica Heretic. I wouldn’t be surprised if they one day bring them back or if they evolved into another shoe. For example, the Fallen Clipper is based off the old design of the Fallen Ripper.

  3. hmm.

    i remember the emerica heretic, that was a badass shoe. great toe cap. thinner sole, and just overall damn fine shoe. i didnt know jamie had a hand in it. i remember the adio jamie thomas 50-50, that they renamed the 5-0 when he left.
    i never saw the fallen heretic though.

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