Social Justice Fund / Veggie Grill

veggie Grill Social Justice FundSocial Justice Fund and Veggie Grill are teaming up for a fund raiser this Thursday, September 12th in Portland! Between 3pm-9pm Veggie Grill will donate 50% of the cost of your bill to Social Justice Fund. Make sure to mention SJF, otherwise they don’t get the donation.

Social Justice Fund is a grass roots fund raising organization that provides direct support organizations in the Northwest that provide support and services with a social justice impact. This means help to people who face adversity due to a racist criminal justice system, economic desparity, or discrimination based on gender or sexual preference.

Veggie Grill is an all Vegan (though they prefer plant-based) restaurant chain on the West Coast. Mostly serving burgers and wraps, everything is 100% animal free any they’re conveniently located in downtown Portland at 508 SW Taylor St.

If Veggie Grill isn’t your deal and you want to get fancy, Tuesday September 17th, Blossoming Lotus (1713 NE 15th Ave) will donate 10% of their sales to Social Justice Fund!


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