Supra Hammer

Supra Hammer Vegan Skateboard Shoes Jim Grecco Supra Hammer is Jim Grecco’s signature shoe and available Vegan in a Royal Blue canvas colorway! Made for skateboarding the heel and midsole feature “SupraFoam” for some big drops. This contrasts the a tapered nose on the front for great board feel. The solid toe caps and the vamp go way back for some smooth wear, they almost look like slip-ons up front. The collar and tongue are slim on padding for a light weight wear similar to most of the Supra skateboard line up.

CCS size 7-13 $64.99 (free shipping with IPCC3936)

Supra size 7-13 $75.00

Red Waxed Canvas from last season,

CCS sizes 8-9.5,10.5-11.5 $54.99

Supra size 10.5 $44.99

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    supra dropping hammers.

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