Undercover Investigations into Factory Farms and the Meat Industry’s Attempt to Stop Them

Skateboarder and VSB Animal Rights contributor Terry K, sent us this post about whats going on with the Ag-Gag debate sweeping the nation. -Mr. Fakie.

In the last few years, a number of lawmakers in various states have introduced legislation, nicknamed “ag-gag” bills, to criminalize undercover investigations on factory farms. Why? Because every time someone goes undercover into one of these facilities, they find cruelty to animals (most of which is standard practice, too). The findings of undercover investigations have resulted in meat recalls, criminal convictions of factory farm workers and owners, and introduction of legislation to help animals – all things the meat industry doesn’t like.

Unfortunately, ag-gag laws have passed in Iowa and Utah. But there’s hope for the future. Just last week the Governor of Tennessee vetoed the ag-gag bill there, making it the first veto of this type of legislation. Additionally, a senator in Pennsylvania was dissuaded from introducing a similar bill in his state. Lastly, a Utah citizen, Amy Meyer, challenged the law by filming a slaughterhouse from the side of the road using her smartphone. She was arrested, but the judge ordered all charges to be dropped.

Here’s how you can help:

-Learn more about ag-gag bills here. If a bill gets introduced in your state (like North Carolina), be sure to call your representatives and urge them to vote No.
-Watch this video about the meat industry, and post it on FB/Twitter.

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