Comic Panel Skateboard Art

My usually Esty lurking has led me to some fine gems including some relics of skate history. This “art deck” with old Daredevil comics isn’t necessarily anything spectacular, nor is the issue particularly rare. It caught my attention because it represents a cross-roads of my adolescent. Around the time  skateboarding stopped being just a means of transportation to the comic book shop, but what I did instead of read comics.

Over the last few years using the skateboard as a canvas has either hit the point of cliché or perhaps a legitimized medium. While I doubt its the latter I still appreciate the context of fine art (or low brow) images on a piece of wood that was designed to be destroyed.  And if literature is your thing, this guy is making some decks wrapped in Mark Twain and Stephen Hawking.  Found on Jesse Garza’s Etsy page.

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  1. Jesse Garza says:

    This is really neat, thanks for the feature!

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