Vintage Roller Derby Skate Board #10

Roller Derby Skate Board #10Roller Derby #10 Skate Board

I found this little gem on the interwebs a few days ago.  Roller Derby Skates was making these back in the early 60’s. Roller Derby Skate Board #10

Check out these steel wheels!Steel Wheels on a Roller Derby Skate Board #10

Not sure if its original. The philips head screws and bolts seem a bit suspect. Most photos show carriage style bolts. The women I bought it from picked it up at an estate sale, down state Illinois. However coincidently this was where the original Roller Derby Skates factory was located.  Roller Derby Skate Board #10 with Disposable Skate Board Bible

Homage to the planks of yesteryear. Thanks and Praise to the Urethane Gods!

“The Disposable Skateboard Bible” is a good place to check if you want to track down any of these gems and is a great coffee table book.  Our friends at Quimby’s stock it regularly.

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  1. Elle says:

    Any idea how much this Roller Derby #10 Skateboard is worth?

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