Go Skate Occupy May Day!

Eric Drooker, Occupy May Day Skater Girl

Eric Drooker most famed perhaps for “The New Yorker” covers, ( i know all of VSB readers are avid subscribers) and in some more radical circles for his politically inspirational illustrations, recently made a few large May Day posters.  International Workers’ Day aka May Day has been a traditional day of remembrance for the Working Class.  Ever more important in 2012 as the Occupy movements shake off the Winter Blues.

Obviously a tutu wearing skateboarder olling the Brooklyn Bridge is relevant to my interests and recently I have been getting hassled by the police for skating both on the sidewalks and the streets. If anything that has made me want to skate harder and faster.  Go Skateboarding Day is just around the corner(June 21st) and I can’t wait.   This poster sums it up for me, and just pushes my belief further; that skateboarding can be an act of  change, political defiance, and perhaps in some extrapolation direct action.  If you dig the poster, you can download a HUGE hi-res version to hang in your room. (or post on some public space)  I hope to see all my skateboarding sisters and brothers in the street on June 21st! Perhaps we should break them out on May Day as well.

After all, Emma Goldman once say, “If I can’t skate, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”  At least thats how I remember it.

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  1. jay says:

    hi there!

    could you tell are these shoes vegan? http://www.surfdome.com/animal_shoes_-_animal_mitch_boys_shoes_-_black-72348 thanx a lot mate! cheers!

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