This  installation Neptuno, is a creation of Juan Ángel Chávez at the National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Today I took a trip to the National Museum and was stoked to see this piece.

Juan is a friend of a friend, and I got to see some initial photos a few months back, but forgot where it was going to be showing. It sort of reminds me of the behind the scene stuff from the Ninja Turtles movie, and got me stoked on skating a full pipe.

Chávez creates these structures from found objects in the modern urban environment.  There is some other Art speak I could copy from the post card, but better you just go and check it out.

The exhibit and the whole museum are free. If you didn’t know Chicago has the second largest Mexican population in the US, so learn some history about the locals already.

Tuesday-Sunday  10am-5pm.  Juan’s show closes Jan 8th 2012 (when the world will end)

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  1. gokay says:

    Thanks man great pictures. I was there as well at the opening and got body searched

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