Halloween is what, 5 days from now? And of course you slacker skate rats still don’t have costumes.   Well, you still have a few days to make something happen and I know you want to incorporate your skateboarding skills somehow.  Forget about that sweet little Creature Rip-Rider with matching coffin and a Danzig hair-do, those things have been impossible to find for over a year now.  Even the rip-off GFH board is sold-out everywhere.

But this Toy Machine Coffine Sect Deck hits the spot. The relatively normal size means you can use your standard trucks.

Though if you want an excuse to paint your face like this nerd, and an excuse to relive your childhood. Then you could get one of the Santa Cruz Simpson boards. (lets be honest, the only one to get is the Bart)  If you need some other pointers to pull this off, here is some help


Get cracken’ dude.  And respect the mini-cruiser. It’s a lot harder then it looks. Right Bucky?

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