Retirement Fund Patches

skate the state fullRetirement Fund, $1 Patches is an Etsy store with everything we love here. Skateboarding, cool art, pro-fun, and messages of compassion on gnarly bits of canvas perfect for patching up you’re favorite jacket or holed pants.

Fur is for AnimalsThe proprietor, Matt Gauck is one of our very own Vegetable Shredder contributors. He makes all the patches himself in one of the raddest cities, Portland! Where every home has a mini-ramp and the kitchen sinks have a faucet for water, soy, rice, and almond milk.

thrift store

Makes sense that at one dollar a pop these patches are greasing Matt’s pockets to easy street. Look for his retail shop late 2013 at Burnside and NW 23rd.

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  1. i love the skate the state patch, and the not for rich idiots patch too.

    there are a ton of other awesome stuff on matt’s etsy site as well:

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