Eat Like You Give a Damn

 coverEat Like You Give a Damn, the new cookbook from Herbivore Clothing proprietors Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten is due to drop in a few weeks. Without a doubt this is our most anticipated cookbook of 2015!  Michelle and Josh don’t only sell witty vegan-message t-shirts;  They also stock the most complete vegan book retail space one can find(they’re located in Portland’s all vegan-mini-mall for pete’s sake).  Eat Like You Give A Damn isn’t a vegan cookbook for fad dieters. As it proudly states on the cover, Recipes for the New Ethical Vegan. Mr. Fakie got to sample a few recipes that didn’t make the cut and he was blown away.  book.bannerYou can get on the pre-order discount price right now, or pay full price, get a bunch of extras, and Herbivore donates to four different farmed animal sanctuaries in the Portland area. (Out to Pasture, Green Acres, Wildwood and Lighthouse.)

Standard  $20.00 (just the book)

Deluxe $25.00 (stickers plus help a sanctuary)

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