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Deer Man of Dark Woods Full Part – Video Nasty

For Vegan Skate Blog’s Six-Hundred and Sixty-Sixths post we present the darkest of demons of skateboarding, Deer Man of Dark Woods! Video Nasty dropped last month and Thrasher has posted DMODW’s full part, and we’re posting it for your viewing … Continue reading

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Slap Magazine – Portland Lines

Exploring a new city and finding skate spots is so intertwined with street skating that we  stalk business districts and school yards every chance we get. The streets of Portland, OR are ruff and the sidewalks often no better.  Funny … Continue reading

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Why Luiz doesn’t want to eat Octopus

The moments of clarity we have in our lives are often too few and far between. The reasons most of us abstain from eating animals flies in the face of blind acceptance and ignorant approval. This kid Luiz isn’t so … Continue reading

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Sean Sheffey – Virtual Reality

This is what skateboarding looked like 20 years ago. Plan B. was all about street and Sheffey was killing it, even if he was a bit sloppy. (Even Koston was a slob back then kids.)  Not sure if Sean is … Continue reading

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Skate Europe – Germany

Europe is a skate heaven, and tomorrow I head to Berlin for a week of ripping. Vice put out this series several years and its always amazing to see what people are doing in other parts of the world and … Continue reading

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east 72nd and down

Sean Conley (sleeping house and human drive prodcutions) brings us another artful cruise through the streets of NYC. Skateboarding in Manhattan truly is like no other place on earth. The congestion of humans and machines, the pavement warped in to … Continue reading

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Baker Has a Deathwish – Jim Greco

The Deathwish Video is premiering all over the country next weekend (The Empty Bottle in Chicago at 6pm) Jim Greco’s part from Baker has a Deathwish is amazing if not for some of the tricks, then for the sheer balls … Continue reading

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Nogales, Mexico

Sean Conley takes us on another urban adventure. This time to the border town of Nogales Mexico. The vibrant colors and soundtrack (provided by a local radio broadcast) make me want to hop a train or jump into the back … Continue reading

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Chicago Montage

Downtown Chicago and the Loop from one on our favorite contributors and friends, Sean Conley. Shot last May, its just what you need to wet the skateboarder appetite for the impending spring.  Only a few weeks and everyday will be … Continue reading

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Vegan Black Metal Chef – Lasagna

If anyone has demystified vegan home cooking more accessible and demonic , its the Vegan Black Metal Chef!  Lasagna may seem like a long drawn out mess, but the VBMC gets it do down to an evil science.  

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