Baker Has a Deathwish – Jim Greco

The Deathwish Video is premiering all over the country next weekend (The Empty Bottle in Chicago at 6pm) Jim Greco’s part from Baker has a Deathwish is amazing if not for some of the tricks, then for the sheer balls out antics. Five years later and we just don’t get the same kind of hassle from security guards and do-gooder neb-noses. Enjoy and Go check out BakerBoys for all the premier dates.

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  1. While I have never agreed with the baker/deathwish crews party/drinking lifestyle, I have always enjoyed the skating.
    Jim Greco especially.
    I have a still from his switch flip down carlsbad on my wall since middle school. Everywhere I moved I always put it up.
    Finally seeing the footage of is just amazing.

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