Keep Skateistan Rolling

The Keep Skateistan Rolling fundraiser kicked off this week to raise a very modest goal of $25,000. The work of Skateistan should be familiar to any regular readers of this blog, but if this is your first time reading about it, the organization and its goals are pretty simple; give kids a chance to have fun and be challenged through a skateboard.  The logistics to make this happen for kids from two war torn countries like, Afghanistan and Cambodia, make it less simple but so much more rewarding.

The Keep Skateistan Rolling page will be updated everyday this week to share some cool videos about the work they’re doing. Don’t forget to use the share buttons! Its a great way to spread the word to friends and family about an organization that is making some real measurable change in kids lives. Everyone who sees the work Skateistan is doing is always amazed!

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  1. I just made a post about it and I’m sharing it with the skateboard community on g+:

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