Lakai Carrol 5

Lakai Vegan skateboard shoe Carrol 5Lakai Carrol 5 comes in two vegan colorways! In either blue or grey canvas with a little red accent to the inner-tongue. This low profile silhouette has some nice skate functionality with the toe stitching raised slightly higher then usual in a high abrasion areas.

Carrol 5 Lakai Vegan skateboard shoeThe shoes cut is certainly of the classic skate variety but has the air of a moccasin or boat shoe. Vulcanized sole for a great board feel. The logos, and heel cap are synthetics though this was not confirmed for the Denim Carrol 5s.


Blue sizes 7-12 $49.99

Grey sizes 7-12(no 11s) $59.95

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  1. Finally the lakai flare logo is not leather!
    These are awesome.

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