Kickstarter – Capital City Bakery

About a year ago, Kristen Davenport opened Capital City Bakery, an all Vegan bakery from a trailer in Austin Texas! Her treats not only look fantastic but her focus on vegan baking is all about ethical eating with out sacrificing taste.

Vegan 3 tier layer cake, punk rock, hardcore Bad Brains

this cake is banned in DC!

The 3-tier Bad Brain’s cake should dispel any myths that this is some cutesy bakery. (Okay its cute.) Kristen is even rocking a Youth of Today shirt in the video. How could we not support this? After all Austin is an amazing city for skateboarding and nothing is better then a cupcake after a long skate session!  VSB suggests the $50 or $75 premiums, That get you a half dozen cookie sandwiches shipped to your door or a Josh Hooten (of Herbivore) original t-shirt!

Check it out!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Bad Brains cake looks amazing. How much do you have to donate to get a Big Boys or a Dicks cake? It is Austin after all.

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