Emerica Wino x Tempsters

Emerica Wino TempsterEmerica Wino x Tempster is a slim vegan skate-styled shoe that may be more for relaxing then skateboarding. The readership of this blog may have a higher concentration of buying all interest in things with Ed Templeton’s name on it, then other places on the web.

Emerica Vegan Skateboard shoes Tempster WinoThe Wino x Tempster is a low cut thin shoe with a two piece twill upper. Super comfortable for walking around in with some art printed insoles featuring the work of Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company Overlord’s. Think light cruising or some post leg-break surgery walks on the beach.

Vegan Skateboard shoes Emerica Wino Ed Templeton Vegan Vegetarian shoes Ed’s Emerica shoes are always 100% Vegan and feature some rad details. This is a Zumiez exclusive but nothing is skimped on the Winos. The sect patch on the tongue is the same as on the Tempster mids, argyle blue inner lining, even the box is decked out!  It’s nice that even though none of us can afford Tempster’s paintings, we can at least get a little more of his art that isn’t going to be thrashed on a board. This would be a great shoe to rest up in. Big things are coming down the road for Ed and Emerica!

Zumiez size 6-13 $49.95

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  1. these are killer.
    I want just the insoles.

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