C1RCA Widow

Vegan Widow C1RCA skateboard shoe

C1RCA Widow is the perfect skate shoe to push those winter-blues into spring-greens. (See what I did there?) The upper is all Twill canvas with some nice tongue padding, but a slim profile around the collar. Despite the slim look of the vulcanized sole, there is some tech built in. “Dura-Lock” is a molded insole that supports and cups the heal in place. The toe features “Kickflip-Proof Construction”, which C1RCA defines as having no exposed edges that prevents premature ripping. We all know that enough skating is going to shred any shoe, so don’t get your hopes up.

Vegan Skateboard shoes from C1RCA C1RCA has been a mainstay of Vegan skateboard shoes for years. Most of which were chunky 90’s style cupsoles. Times and style change and low profile vulcanized shoes are now what’s up. The official colorway name is Black Forest and Sulphur. How Metal is that?

CCS size 7-13 $64.99 (spend $10 more and use IPCC246W for $15.00 off)

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