The Vegan Zombie

The Vegan Zombie is a webisode cooking series. John is trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse and is not about to give up his Vegan ethics. In order to do this he often finds himself in abandoned homes and using what ingredients he can find to fashion a quick meal, while staving off zombie attacks. John posts the ingredients under each post, so head over to his site if you need the ingredients for the Shepard Pie.

My buddy Sean (sleepinghouse) turned me on to The Vegan Zombie last weekend so I thought I would share.  I actually don’t care for the Zombie culture plague. Seriously, its played out!  I do dig the survivalist aspect to though, especially sticking vegan even in a Zombie Apocalypse.

This episode was shot at Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, so go and check them out while your at it.

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  1. shout outs!

    great stuff. my cooking students love this guy more and more.
    we watched the vegan zomblette episode today. he just posted one on grilled cheese as well. stoked.

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