DC Evan Smith Hi

DC Evan Smith Skateboard Shoes Vegan hi-top Pittsburgh skaterThe DC Evan Smith Hi comes in two vegan colorways and that is the only way it is made, currently. Black and Gray, or White with red and blue details.  The shoe is an all canvas upper with rubber toe-caps that should give the Hi-top some added durability and skate life.  A tall padded collar will save your tender ankles and make sure your pant legs are properly cuffed!

DC Evan Smith Hi Skateboard shoe Vegan

Evan Smith Hi sole (white colorway)

The vulcanized sole claims some great impact protection with deep circle pockets over the DC pill pattern.

Pittsburgh Evan Smith David L Lawrence Convention Center skateboarding I got excited when I saw this picture from Evan’s new DC add! (Maybe some of my Pittsburgh readers know the spot.) The lo-top version of The Evan Smith does have suede. Kind of bummed, and Evan is too. In his recent Thrasher interview with Michael Burnett here is an excerpt of what Smith had to say,

“I’m not interested in being one to benefit off the slaughtering of animals. I think it’s complete bullshit and garbage. I mean, I’m pretty bummed on myself for even using suede in the first place. I am. I’m actually bummed on myself and everyone who’s reading this should be super bummed on me for using suede.”

Evan also says that when he does a revision of the shoe he would like to completely eliminate suede! We’re looking forward to it! If you want to see Evan rip up a ton of Mr. Fakie’s favorite Pittsburgh skate spots, check the video after you snag some of his new hi-tops!


DC Shoes $70.00 Black/Gray size 7-14

Skate Warehouse $64.99 White size 8-12

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