DC Tonik S TX

Vegan DC Skate shoe, Tonik S TX Green

Tonik S TX at first look is not what I expect a shoe from DC to look like.   All Canvas with a Vulcanized sole.Vegan DC Tonik S TX Green

DC has released a number of low profile skate shoes just like this one. Sort of a departure from the technical shoe style.Black Vegan Tonik

I’m glad to finally find a Vegan skate shoe from DC.  It has been at least three years since I rocked a pair of DCs due to their poor selection in the Vegan Department.


Uprise is my local shop. If you live in Chicago go buy the Tonik S TX in the shop, or if the Blue Line is running on a single track buy online.  Sizes 6-12 $50.00

Vertical Urge is not my local shop, but they are a legit, in Raleigh, NC and have them in black.  Sizes 8-14 $49.95




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  1. Kenny says:

    I dig this, might get a pair.

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