éS Edgar

vegan éS Edgar Bobby WorrestéS Edgar in Maroon. A slim number designed by Bobby Worrest.

The shoe is a Vulcan, but has some gel heel inserts for blasting big sets! The Edgar also has double foxing (thats the rubber tape around the sole) so it should take a little longer for you toe draggers to wear down.  I would have to say that my favorite part of the shoe is the “Worrest” tag. I can just see your english teacher, scratching their head at a potential spelling error on your shoes. (i’m a really bad speller)

Want to close the deal and get a pair? Me Too!  Updated 2/4/12

BuySkateShoes sizes 7,9,9.5,10,10.5,12,14 $39.99

Skate Warehouse has them in sizes 8-13, $59.99

CCS has size 6 -14 ( NO 8 or 10) $44.99

6pm size 5-7 $52.00

Zappos size 5-14 (no 8s) $55.25

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