Dekline Mason

Dekline Mason Vegan Skateboard shoesDekline Mason is available in two great looking Vegan colorways! Good for ripping, dressing fancy, and brick laying. In their typical low profile style you can go for the fine grey monks canvas with red accents or keep it dark with a 20oz canvas black and gum.

Dekline skateboard shoes Mason Vegan skate board shoes Mason Single stitching high on the toe gives a boat shoe look on an otherwise solid one piece toe. That single line of padding on the collar may help protect a tiny section of ankle, but those tongues are nothing but slim canvas foot coverings. The one question you need to ask when buying these shoes, “Are you a traveling man?”


Grey and Red sizes 8-13 $59.95

Black and Gum sizes 8-13 (no9s) $59.95


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