Clean Your Bearings!

Cleaning your bearings isn’t something we look forward to, but is a fact of life if skate year round. All the road salt and moisture is going to catch up to you and adding more lube only works for a few sessions before it they get jammed up and need replacing.

Rat Vision has some excellent how to’s, including in this video a DIY bearing cleaning kit made from an old plastic juice bottle. Certainly a better solution then the old toothbrush and WD-40.

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2 Responses to Clean Your Bearings!

  1. Brent Washington says:

    I try to do this at least once a month. I like to use the Bones bearing bottle and some Rubbing alcohol. It totally extends their use ten times over. I also like to rotate my wheels so they face the opposite way so they dont cone. I’ve had wheels last almost 8 months b/c of that. Just food for thought 🙂 Have an awesome weekend friends!

    • Brent Washington says:

      Also, never use wd-4o. It will dry out your bearing soo fast, b/c it is a water based lub , it makes it worse in the long run!

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