Emerica G-Code!!! First Look Review

Emerica Vegan G-Code!!! Skateboard shoe

Emerica G-Code!!! are back in a Vegan colorway for the first time since Spring 2010. That season the Vegan colorway was bone-white canvas, (Not exactly my cup of tea, I dig black stuff). So I was super psyched when Emerica sent Vegan Skate Blog a pair for review! Thanks Jeff!Vegan Skate Blog Review of the Vegan Emerica G-Code!!! Skateboard Shoe

Out of the box they are sleek. Before they get laced up you can get a good look at some of the finer details. The lacing of course has metal eyelets from top to bottom with a centering strip at the bottom. This makes for super fast lacing and also allows the shoes to have a snug fit with out suffocating or cutting off circulation to the top of the foot. Since the toe caps are separate from the lacing cage, undue stress isn’t going to aide in ripping along the mid-sole.Vegan Skate Blog Review of the Vegan Emerica G-Code!!! Skateboard Shoe

The tongues of the G-Code!!! are puffy with lots of cushioning from top to bottom. This feels super nice on a low top shoe and reminiscent to many of the skateboard shoes of the late 90’s-2000’s. The padding continues all along the collar for a protective and comfortable feel.Vegan Skate Blog Review of the Vegan Emerica G-Code!!! Skateboard Shoe

The heel caps are stiff. Very stiff. If the padding along the collar wasn’t so abundant then they would almost be a liability. However because the collar padding is so adequate this makes your heel feel like it is locked in place.  I took them for a test skate and even when  laced up, I can simply pop my feet in and the heel sits perfectly. What can I say, I’m lazy and don’t like to tie my shoes.Vegan Skate Blog Review of the Vegan Emerica G-Code!!! Skateboard Shoe

Another look at the toe cap shows how clean the shoe looks. The toe cap is solid, almost like your feet have a protective dome around them. The G-Code!!! has corded laces as the default, but if thats not your thing, some black flat laces are included too.Vegan Skate Blog Review of the Vegan Emerica G-Code!!! Skateboard Shoe

Both inner and outer sides of the shoe have vent holes, and a similar seem line. The toe cap stitch line is buried deep into the soles and comes up high into the lacing cage area. The foxing tape keeps that slim look with a, no contrast, black-on-black look.  If you don’t want to skate in these shoes, you could easily wear them to weddings and funerals. Or both, funeral homes usually have awesome parking lots and ramps. Corpse bump-to-bar. Ha!Vegan Skate Blog Review of the Vegan Emerica G-Code!!! Skateboard ShoeThe shoe looks amazing and I can’t wait to rip them to shreds. If you check those soles, they are the “Non-Slip Desert Grip.” I couldn’t find if that is a still considered a vulc sole. I’ve yet to skate a shoe with Desert Grip so I’m interested to see what they can do.  The last few models I’ve skated have been typical vulcanized soles or traditional capsules.  Right now I’m also testing the Hsu 2 with the new “STiFusion.”Emerica G-Code!!! Vegan Canvas modelAfter trying them on last night and going for a quick test skate I think they are going to work out well. As always I try on new shoes in the evening. This is when your feet are at their most natural size. I wear a size 10, and the G-Code!!! feels like a perfect fit.  I’ll be posting some updates in a few weeks after I get to run them through some skate sessions.  Then a few weeks after that we’ll post a final evaluation.  For now if you want to pickup a pair, head over to Emerica’s website. They fixed the mix up of Vegan/Non-Vegan colorways we posted about a few weeks ago. Just to make sure, the model number ending in 003 is VEGAN.

Emerica size 5-14 $70.00  SOLD OUT

CCS size 8-11.5 $69.99

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    Awesome review! That’s why i love Emerica!

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