Emerica Hsu – NOT VEGAN


Vegan Emerica Hsu skateboard shoes

The HSU this season turns out to not be vegan. The original post image seen above is actually a prototype model that never went to production. The listed material has since been changed from Canvas to Suede though the photo has not change.  Apologies to anyone who may have purchased the shoe. Thanks to Vincent for pointing out the error.

The original Hsu is back in a Vegan colorway.  The all Canvas upper is a deep navy blue with yellow (or Gold) accents.  This mid-top skate shoe has been kicking it in Emerica’s pro line for over four years for good reason.   It has great collar support with lots of layering and padding to keep ankles well protected. The tongue is thin so you can pull those laces tight and not cut off circulation to your toes. Vulcanized soles give a great board feel and the dark gum color is a great contrast to navy.

I have skated the Hsu low and the Hsu 2 Fusion over the last year. Both are superb skateboard shoes. So while Emerica’s Fall 12 is super light on Vegan colorways, the Hsu is a first choice shoe regardless what the options happen to be.

Emerica size 5-14 $70.00



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3 Responses to Emerica Hsu – NOT VEGAN

  1. Spence says:

    Smart choice by Emerica. I think the Hsu 2 was kinda crappy. Definitely picking up a pair of these. Gumsole ftw.

  2. Vinny says:

    I really like the look of these but all the shops that sell them in the UK list them as being suede and canvas. Are they definitely all canvas?

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