Alien Workshop 2012 Apocalypse Series Box Set

Alien Workshop 2012 Apocalypse Series Box Set

If the Mayan 2012 end of the world thing wasn’t enough sign that the end is nigh, then certainly the Sovereign Sect issuing an Apocalypse Series Box Set, stored in military grade arms case is proof positive.Alien Workshop Box Set

With only 3 months and some change I promptly ordered my case. A Workshop collectable survival kit is not something I would dream of passing up.  This rugged case is the real deal too. No plastic. Once the boards are shred to pieces you could hide all kinds of stuff in the case.Alien Workshop 2012When opened up you find that the boards are solidly packed in shredded documents. Take a close look kids, there are no accidents here. Call it art if you’d like. I call coded messages.Alien Workshop Special Box Set The top side of each deck is emblazoned with one of the apocalyptic fates that is surely but a dozen of weeks away. Fallout, Disaster, and Invasion.   There are only 50 49 sets. So head over to the AlienWorkshop and get yours before its to late.

Alien Workshop 149.00 (three decks and a ballistic case is one hell of a deal)

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2 Responses to Alien Workshop 2012 Apocalypse Series Box Set

  1. Devon Perry says:

    Does just 1 come with the box?

    • admin says:

      Three decks come in the box. Good luck finding one. Only 55 boxes were made. You can get the decks individually from Aliens website.

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