Emerica Laced

The Laced are Emerica’s low-profile team shoe. Super minimal design with no tongue padding, no collar padding, and thin vulc soles. So minimal infect the laces may be a bit overkill since the hidden elastic band will keep them snug on your feet.


Vegan Skateboard shoes from Emerica

We posted the Laced last season when only one colorway was available. This time you have 3 Vegan models to choose from. I’m telling ya, 3 out of 6 isn’t bad. I would be willing to wager this is one of the most Vegan friendly seasons Emerica has has in a long time. Also how bout these spring time gems? Are you ready for the easter skate jam or what?

I think the idea of foregoing laces is ridicules! How much lighter do you need them? Not to mention it would be a shame to put those metal eyelets to waste. Either way it’s a nice minimal shoe from a company that truly knows skateboarding and responds to what skateboarders are after.

Emerica has minimal amount of the Navy model, so I’m posting a link to Zappos too.   Navy on Emerica sizes 6,7, 11.5, 13,14 $55.00 Navy on Zappos size 5-14 $55.00

Green size 5-14 $55.00

Blue size 5-14 $55.00

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3 Responses to Emerica Laced

  1. Anon says:

    Wayyyy overpriced for such a bare bones shoe.

  2. agreed. should be 35.
    the wino should be cheaper too, not for skating.

    • Mr Fakie says:

      Yeah with a price at $55, it is hard to not just spend another $10 and get a “Gold Standard” shoe. Then again, in this months issue of Thrasher, Emerica rider “Figgy” is taking a massive stair case in a pair of Laced.

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