Patines Americanos – Devo skateboard

Devo SkateboardPatines Americanos (American Skates) is a small deck manufacture in California that specializes in customer shapes. They make a very Devo inspired deck, as you can see.  “Duty Now for The Future” is printed on the deck, along with the artwork from Devo’s 1979 album of the same name.  The skate rag, Juice also features a column by the same name, where the more venerable skate park builders talk shop.

Juice also published an interview with Mark Mothersbaugh in issue #53 thats worth a read, partially here.

Finding the deck was a piece of cake, but if your looking for your very own Energy Dome, just wait for a pop-up halloween store to come around. They’ve been hocking them for years.

TumYeto $60.00

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