Emerica Memphis

Emerica Memphis Vegan Skateboard ShoeEmerica Memphis may be a slip-on but the sole is all about the skateboard! The cotton twill upper holds snug to your feet by elastic band, just like the Laced! The heel and lightly padded collar ride a little higher with a slight scoop, which makes sure the ball of the foot isn’t flapping out of the shoe either. The tongue is thin just like you want on a slip on.

The key feature on the Memphis that makes it a skateboard shoe and not just another casual lifestyle dud, is the vulcanized soles! Lots of grip with Emerica’s new triangle tread pattern and a high-impact midsole have a great board. No laces to worry about make me happy because I tie shoes slower then a 6 year old.

Emerica size 6-14 (no 13) $48.99

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  1. Cyrus Fisher says:

    First off, huge ups for your blog. Love it! I bought this pair based on your review here and just wanted to share my experience with other potential buyers. Now, I have to say, these are great all-around shoes. They are super comfortable and I love that I can slip them on in a moment’s notice before going out to skate. On the other hand–and this may be an isolated incident due to my own skin, or maybe even because the material itself had been exposed to something prior to shipping–but these shoes FUCK UP my feet. Anytime I’ve worn socks with holes in them (unknowingly, of course), I have a terrible rash (?) break out where the material of the shoe has come into direct contact with my skin. The first few days after the exposure the area itches uncontrollably. After the itching stops, the area scabs up and then takes a couple of weeks to totally heal. I’ve tried cleaning these shoes on several occasions but it still happens every time… So yeah, not sure exactly what the cause of this is. Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

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