Emerica Reynolds Chiller

Vegan Emerica Skate shoesEmerica Reynolds Chiller is the skate-inspired shoe you want for relaxing. This is a shoe for some light skating on the cruiser after a night of dropping hammers and breaking your regular board to bits. (Guess what i did last night?)  Light weight canvas upper with elastic bands to keep your toes snug; eyelets are for decoration. The soles are  stiFusion technology, this bonds the tread, foxing and canvas upper together. So even if you decide to do some ripping in them, (it was at one time in fashion to skate barefoot) Board feel and wear with be maximized. The Reynolds Chiller comes in 6 colorways.   ALL are Vegan!!!

Emerica Vegan skateboard shoes

Maroon Emerica size 5-12 $45.00

Vegan Skateboard shoes from Emerica

Black And Tan Emerica size 5-14 $45.00

Zappos size 5-14 $37.99

Red Vegan Skateboard shoes from Emerica

Red Emerica size  5-13 $45.00

Zappos  sizes 5.5-14 (no 7.5) $37.99

Skateboard shoes from Emerica, Vegan Canvas

Blue Emerica size  5-14 $45.00

Zappos sizes 5-14 (no6,8,8.5,13) $37.99

Reynolds Chiller Vegan Skateboard shoe

Dark Grey Emerica size 5-14 $45.00

Vegan Skateboard shoes from Emerica in Canvas

White Emerica OUT OF STOCK $45.00

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