Variflex – John Warren

Veriflex John Warren

My buddy Chris was cleaning out his dads garage and found this Variflex John Warren deck from 1988. He offered it up to me in exchange for some vegan donuts. (As soon as I finish this semester dude, you’ll get your damn donuts)

Variflex John Warren AdAt the peak of the brand they had pro’s like Lance Mountain and John Lucero with pro models and full page ads. How the mighty do fall.  By the time I started skating Variflex was basically dead. In fact I’m pretty sure they sold rollerblades at Toys R US next to the Nash decks with plastic trucks.

———————————————————————————————————-Update to add a link to Geoff Grosso’s Love Letter to Allen Losi.

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2 Responses to Variflex – John Warren

  1. phil heels says:

    i had a variflex diablo with dsc (dominion skateboard company-canada) haha first decent board, might have been from consumers distributing or k mart. H street dannay way after that, nice to see some old variflex peeps. cheers dude


  2. Andy Jones says:

    This was my first pro board 🙂

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