Emerica Reynolds Cruiser

Vegan Skateboard shoes by EmericaEmerica’s Reynolds Cruiser is a bosses skateboard shoe, disguised as a low key sneaker. This season Emerica is doing it up right with lots of Vegan choices. Both the White and Black are all Canvas upper. The white has a faux suede diamond emblem on the tongue and the rope laces also look suspect but are in fact vegan. the black model is made out of a heavier threaded canvas which makes it a bit more unique. Soles are Vulcanized with a STI Pro 2 insole. These feel really great skating dispute the low profile look.

Emerica Vegan skateboard shoesMakes sense why one would call it a sneaker. Disguises and sneaking go hand in hand. One minute you’re all dressed up at a funeral, next your shooting your board over the ramp on which they wheel the corpses into the funeral home.


White size 7-14 $65.00

Black sizes 5-14(no6.5,13) $65.00

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