Alien Workshop Andy Warhol Black and White Ad Series

I make no arguments against my bias for Alien Workshop. My affinity for everything Pittsburgh also plays a roll in the appreciation for what is now the 3rd round of Warhol Print decks. The particular prints here were taken from a series made between 1983-1986.

My current ride is ready to snap, so I’ll be picking one of these up post-haste. Perhaps this weekend while I visit the Any Warhol Museum on the North Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Though I’m having trouble deciding which deck. Mikey Taylor is my preferred deck size, but Steak as a graphic is questionable for my Vegan sensibilities. Grant Taylor is not the size I would choose, however does represent Satan. Ultimately size is the true decider. Hopefully the Vegan Police don’t find out. Also I couldn’t afford the REAL print of the Steak design which recently went for quite a large sum at auction.

If you want to see some other prints from that series not included in the Alien Workshop collab check out Lora Reynolds Gallery archive.

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  1. Dylan Powell says:

    We are pissed.

    The Vegan Police.

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