Emerica Tempster

Ed Templeton Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoes TempsterEmerica Tempster returns with two Vegan (of course) colorways of Ed Templeton’s signature high top skate shoe. This time they are coming in a Black Wash or Olive Green coated canvas upper for a new look and some added skate durability.

Ed Templeton Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoes Tempster

As if the first release wasn’t snake like enough, the olive and green really brings out the inner skate serpant.

The Tempsters hi-top style offers a great support with out adding on bulky padding. Chalk it up to the newly designed vulcanized SoleTech footbed construction. This shoe lasts on the in both the ollie area and the sole. (Check out our First Look Review) The solid toe caps offer some smooth control and the multi-stitching pattern keeps the shoe from blowing out. So even if you wear a hole in the sides and shoe-goo ’em, The Tempsters not falling apart.

Fall13BoxEd’s art makes the shoe a lot more interesting then the average skateboard shoe.

Vegan Skateboard Shoes Ed Templeton Tempster EmericaCheck Turtle Girl on those insoles! Bonus Vegan Skateboard points if you have the matching board!


Black Wash size 5.5-13 $69.99

Olive Orange size 6-14 $69.99


Still looking for last seasons colorway, Emerica is stocking them!

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4 Responses to Emerica Tempster

  1. veganshawn says:

    Those look really good, hopefully someone where I live will order them so I can try them on and know what size to get!

  2. Love the turtlegirl insole and new colorways.

  3. rad chad says:

    Is shoe goo vegan? I’ve always wondered this. It doesn’t really matter to me as I won’t be running out any time soon but it would be good to know.

  4. jaye says:

    hey veganshawn, about the sizing, I found them to run small. I normally wear size 10 but I could fit comfortably in a size 9 of the Tempsters. I’d go down at least a half-size if not a full size from normal on these depending on how you like your shoes to fit.

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