Lost Realms

Lost RealmsLost Realms, a stoner rock band fronted by Pittsburgh artist and skater Craig Freeman starts with a singular mid-pace strum of distorted guitar. Nate Curtis on Bass and Dan Bhutta on Drums stand on their own making up a rhythm section that pushes through what is to often in the genre, just background noise for a noodling guitarist. Lost Realms has patiently practiced and refined their sound to a crawling speed compared to the thrashing punk rock currently make its way out of Pittsburgh.

A testament to Freeman’s pension for perfection, Lost Realms practiced for more then a year before playing out or letting anyone hear their music. Each of the 4 tracks on their 2-13 Demo is a reduction of raw rock n’ roll elements, leaving a conscious movement of head banging and foot shuffling that makes one feel the power.  Excellent skate jams. Especially when slogging it out in a solo session.

Download Lost Realms Demo, (pay what you want)

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  1. I’ll have to check these dudes out.

  2. Martín says:

    Interesting Band! TY for the info! 🙂

  3. Nathan says:

    These guys suck!!

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