Emerica The Heritic X Ed Templeton

Emerica The Heritic X Ed Templeton Vegan Skateboard shoeThe Heritic X Ed Templeton (also The Heritic X The Eye) is the latest vegan skateboard shoe from Emerica! A redesign of a classic Emerica model, this colorway is all about your benevolent overlord, Ed Templeton. The Sect Eye peering from underneath black mesh, and since this is Ed’s shoe, we can only assume is inspired by some fishnet stalkings (wink, wink). Most importantly the shoe is cruelty free and contains no animal products. No leather, no suede, no animal based glues!  Take a look as we examine the newest vegan skateboard shoe from Emerica!Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoe Ed Templeton The Heritic

Vegan Skate Blog was fortunate enough to get to test out a pair earlier this year and put them through the wringer. And wring we did! Before we get to the carnage lets take a look at these beauties! This vegan cupsole skate shoe is far from a slim canvas number and gets back to what many of us have been missing in a cruelty free skate shoe! Lots of padding lots of life. For the casual skateboarder this is a shoe you can easily skate for six months or more before any significant wear and tear have you searching for your next shoe.

From box to board, The Heritic X Ed Templeton fits incredibly well. Tested in a size 10, the shoe doesn’t feel too narrow despite the extra padding in the toe cap.  The heal and collar are rigid below the padding and cup the heal of the foot considerably well. A solid fit like this makes the shoe skateable almost out of the box.  Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoe Ed Templeton The HeriticThat stalking green eye stands out on the black toe and vamp. Made of a solid piece of black synthetic leather, the toe cap of the Heritic has an embedded reinforced layer. The promise is both toe protection and added skate life!Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoe Ed Templeton The HeriticThe inside of the shoe reveals another Sect Eye and more importantly the foamy mid-sole similar to the G6!  Pick up this shoe and its light! Bend it and it flexes like a much thinner shoe! Most of all the impact protection is first rate with the best board feel around!Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoe Ed Templeton The HeriticFrom straight ahead, The Heritic X Ed Templeton is super low key. If it wasn’t for those big Emerica labels they would hardly be recognizable as a high performing skateboard shoe.  Maybe if you switch up the laces you can get loud, but our test pair only came with black and thats how we like ’em!  Emerica Vegan Skateboard Shoe Ed Templeton The HeriticThe portion of the upper that isn’t synthetic leather is a reptilian looking coated black canvas similar to what we saw with The Tempster last season.  This stuff holds up well to the stress of tight laces and doesn’t rip, it also handles the abrasion of grip tape fairly well! Add a couple flashes of gold with that Emerica triangle and top eyelet and its looking pretty spiffy. *IMG_9770The padding in the tongue and collar have a medium fill. The feet and ankles maintain movement while being fairly well protected.*IMG_9761Lurking in side, or should we say, for the lurker inside… Ed Templeton’s art on the insoles are a nice touch and may we say, more sophisticated then previous seasons. Vegan Skateboard Shoes The triangle tread soles are all over Emerica’s shoes this season and last. They grip amazingly well with better durability. The Heritic X Ed Templeton have skid spots on the heal for some quick stops and several cross lines for nice sole flex. Vegan Skateboard Shoes by Emerica The Heritic X Ed Templeton Toy Machine Sect Eye Here is a good look at the business end of The Heritic X Ed Templeton. Those caps don’t squeeze the toes, because they are actually embossed to the outer before being wrapped up in synthetic leather.  This means lots of wiggle room for your tootsies and amazing protection from slamming boards.The smoothness of the caps make for easy board flick too when launching into a kickflip!

Rain and general wet riding conditions in the Pacific Northwest can make for some wet feet.  However the toes stayed relatively dry even on rainy days. With synthetic leather this isn’t completely unexpected, but what was super nice is how well the Heritic breathes!  Swamp feet aren’t happening here due to all the mesh and super breathable tongue.

Emerica Heritic 3 and The Heritic X Ed Templeton Vegan Skateboard Shoes From the VSB shoe vault, side by side, the Heritic 3 (left) and Heritic X Ed Templeton (right, duh).  You’ll have to set your time machines to 2008 if you want the pair on the left. The design elements have a few of the same features. Check out those thick rubber toe caps! Great for longer wear but they just don’t have the smooth flick of the newest Heritic! The Heritic 3 and The Heritic X Ed Templeton Vegan Skateboard shoes


Vegan Skateboard Shoes from Emerica

“Thanks For Not Killing Me Emerica” This tag comes on some of the newest shoes from Emerica in 2014!

Ed Templeton original sketch for Vegan Skate Blog

Last year VSB interviewed Ed Templeton and he drew this awesome picture for us! We where super excited to see the tag hanging on several of the newest vegan colorways (more to come)  for 2014!

Lets Let Ed have a little say and show off The Heritic before we get into the carnage.

Ed Templeton Emerica The Heritic X Ed Templeton arrived several months ago and is seen here with about 40+ hours of skate wear. The toe caps are shredded but far from worn out and besides the obvious battle scars everything on this shoe is solid!*IMG_8108While ollie holes are developed the shoe still has quite a few layers left to give. The toe around the kickflip area still feels strong and have hours of skating to go before they wear down to the foam layer seen in the larger ollie hole. *IMG_8102A far fairer side to the worn but unbrutualized side of the Heritic. The toes however have started to sink a little which can look a little off putting. If you find yourself feeling self conscious about this just look into The Eye and remember, you are a scumbag street skater. *IMG_8112The Transistor Sect Eye stares back while we take a look at the abrasions of the black waxed canvas!  *IMG_8128A warn collar still holds strong with padding intact and only a slight run in the fish-net stalkings.*IMG_8121*IMG_8119The soles are just starting to go flat in the ball of the foot but they have maintained their grip well. Emerica has a grippier bottom on The Heritic X Ed Templeton. So while they may be lacking texture the grip is still strong.*IMG_8130The heals of The Heritic aren’t going anywhere. Re-inforced stitching takes care of that. Try as we might, even pulling off the shoes hands free (stepping on the heals for removal) hasn’t caused heal blow out! *IMG_8136Well worn and loved skateboard shoes rarely look anything but a disaster and The Heritic X Ed Templeton have a lot of fun left in them!  We give The Heritic X Ed Templeton our full support and would recommend a pair to anyone looking for a solid skateboard shoe.  The price on Emerica’s pro-line footwear has certainly gone up, but so has the quality.  This would be a solid shoe to see regularly from Emerica, not just as a special edition.

Emerica  size 7-11 $74.99









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8 Responses to Emerica The Heritic X Ed Templeton

  1. veganshawn says:

    No size 12?

  2. Hunt says:

    I’m not a skater, nor would I buy this shoe because it doesn’t match my style, but I absolutely love it. It’s full of personality and individuality. It doesn’t try and showoff like all the new shoe brands that add useless straps and puffy material, but it does have a nice style to them. Great work!

  3. veganshawn says:

    thank you!

  4. Nate Silvers says:

    These look amazing but are you sure you meant to write 40+ hours of skatewear? The toe area looks completely battered, like after two months wear! I’m trying to find a vegan skate shoe but 40 hours wear is crazy, surely you meant 400? Even that is only 16 days…

    I have a friend who’s had suede shoes for over two years and they don’t have holes yet. Is this how it is with vegan shoes?

    • Mr Fakie says:


      Nope we mean 40-45 hours of solid skating. Board time not session time, so hanging with friends at the park doesn’t factor in. To give everyone an idea, here is a link over to our friends Ripped Laces review of the DC Lynx S Ripped Laces has a solid reputation for reviewing skate shoes. They’ve been doing it for years and do an average of 20 hours of board time. When VSB started doing skate-wear reviews, we followed their excellent lead. To give you an idea of board time in a typical skate session, thats about 20 minutes of actual board time in a two hour skate session. The only reason these shoes got that much wear time was due to how early Emerica had a test pair available for us. We started skating the Heritic X Ed Templeton in early October.
      Thanks for the question and thanks for reading! If you have any doubts in the shoe I’d encourage you to take a chance and get yourself a pair. You will not be sorry.

      -Mr. Fakie

  5. this is hands down by favorite shoe review post.

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