Food Fight Vengeful Bunny T-Shirt

Vegan revenge tishit XVX Food Fight Grocery PDXThis Bunny has their night of vengeance! Brought to you by our sick twisted friends at Food Fight Grocery and Matt Gauck!  This double sided screen printed t-shirt features our Rabbit friend wielding a bloody butcher knife and a vivisector cut down to size on the front. ( I like to imagine it’s John Henry Draize. A notorious mass murderer of rabbits and other animals used in labs for cosmetic testing.)

Vegan t-shirt Animal Liberation XVX Food Fight GroceryThe back ghoulishly reads, “Their blood is on your hands. Your Blood is on Mine.” In the event any of your friends or family get bummed, remind them that the innocent bunny captive is taking revenge of their evil human captor.  Pretty sure thats kosher everywhere but Florida.

Food Fight XS-XL  $20.00

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