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éS Square Two Vegan skateboard shoe, all synthetic nubuckIf you haven’t heard by now, éS has all but dissolved. Many of the team riders have either moved onto or are being courted by new sponsors.  The Spring 2012 line, which featured a healthy amount of Vegan shoes was announced on the heels of the news that SoleTech would be shutting down the brand.

What about all the product running down the factory lines? It’s hit ebay. Call it picking over a corpse, or fighting over the last will and testament before the body is even cold; Deals are to be had. This will be the last post Vegan Skate Blog does for éS.

FIVE Vegan Skateboard shoes are on the page. Available in just about every size and each is no more then $26.00. Thats including shipping.

Square Two Fusion

Vegan skateboard shoe from és skateboarding

Black Blue (Synthetic Nubuck)

és Skateboard shoe, vegan canvas

Brown Black White


Vegan skateboard shoe from és

Black Lime

Vegan Skateboard shoe from és

Red White Black

Holbrook Low

Vegan skateboard shoe from és

Black Red Gum

Also available are some great bags, belts and other clothing.  Everything is super cheap.  I hate to see it come to this because I really did like the brand. Then again, all good things come to an end. So go check out the Ebay Store and get something to remember éS.

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2 Responses to éS ebay Store

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks! The synthetic black & blue fusion’s skate great, last a while, and have been my favorite shoe for a while. Just picked up a couple pairs. Bummed es won’t be around any longer. They’re one of the only companies pointing out the vegan models. :/

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the heads up, can’t beat $23 shipped for some vegan shoes.. RIP Es.

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