Skate Snacks – NHU LAN Saigon Subs

NHU LAN Saigon Subs is a great place to stop off for vegan skate snacks. They serve bánh mì, Vietnamese / French style sandwiches.  NHU LAN has four Vegan bánh mì options, Veggie Classic, Lemongrass Tofu, Ginger Tofu and Vegan Paté & Ham (my favorite). The cilantro, jalapeños, pickled daikon and carrots give a nice kick of spicy asian flavor! The bread is so good that it could make a meal of its own.  They come wrapped up and ready to go off to the park.  Each sandwich is $4.75 and is enough to satisfy most hunger. (I require 2)

They have two locations on the way to Wilson skatepark. If your riding up the CTA Red line, get off at Belmont and skate west a couple blocks to 602 W Belmont!   If you’re coming from the burbs or the northwest side in a car, get off at Lawrence and drive east to 2612 W Lawrence. Just keep heading east until you hit the lake.

Open 11am-9pm except Tuesdays.

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