Etnies Fader Toddler

Vegan Toddler Etnies

Etnies Fader for the future Vegetable Shredders!  That right, stylish Vegan skate shoes, only smaller.   The laces are a bit deceptive, the shoe is actually closed with a large velcro strap so your little gromm can  put them on their self.

Etnies makes a number of shoes, this one included as a “Grow With Me” fit system.  They are specially designed for Toddlers learning how to walk, holding their tiny feet in place. and when the start to grow out of the shoe, the second foot bed insert can be removed to give them more room.

Etnies has them on sale right now for 20.00                                                                             Size 5T-10T (T for Toddler, yeah i didn’t know either)

I bought my future veg-shredder nephew a pair, and he LOVES them. His words.  He also asked if we could post some photos on the blog of him ripping.  “Uh yeah, I can do that, but you’re hardly ripping and that purple thing is not a skateboard.”



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  1. Owen Hoppe says:

    Hey I am wondering what the plastic practice board the kid pictured is using? My son would love that.

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