Vegetable Shredder – Ryan Howard


Ryan Howard 5-0NAME: RYAN HOWARD

LOCATION: Glen Ellyn, IL

OCCUPATION: Owner, Chicago Vegan Foods

Where do you like skating? Anywhere! Glen Ellyn skatepark is a lot of fun… Roselle too.

Why did you go Veg? I read 1/4 of John Robbins’ Diet For A New America… and that was it. Vegan 1 month later. No turning back… 19 years ago.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? There was a great spot near where I grew up in Indianapolis that was called “circle bank”.. It was a bank (money bank, not incline bank) that has metal coping on the curbs and we would go fast and grind 20’… all time of night. Great memories…

What shoe are you skating in now? I’m skating Etnies Jameson 2. They’re all recycled and are actually pretty good skating shoes.

Or Just say what ever you want about skateboarding…  I love skateboarding. Even after all this time, it never gets old hanging out with friends, getting hurt… Love it.


Are you Shredding Vegetables?                                                                     

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  2. Spence says:

    Hey, great blog. Rocked those canvas Hsu’s myself. Great shoe.

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