Etnies Rap CT – First Look Review

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe Rap CT (part of the Etnies “Future Heritage” line) comes in a number of Vegan color ways! While the original was a puffy cupsole typical of the 90s, this update bares little resemblance.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesEtnies has decided to choose a vulcanized sole, medium tongue padding, and a longer one-piece toe cap. The similarities may be limited to the faux-leather side panelling. They look really good though and feel even better in some bright spring colors!

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe heel caps aren’t too stiff and the detailing looks great. Loops are great for quickly pulling on those double knotted shoes.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesA look closer to the collar reveals a good bit of ankle scoop and padding for some free movement with solid protection. The elastic band is nice too and hold the tongue solid in place.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe Rap CT look SUPER clean in white canvas (thats not going to last) and the round laces. If you are going to tie them up every time you skate, round laces feel a little quicker to get a grasp on.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesEtnies pattern on the Rap CT goes for more of the Future then the Heritage since its a vulcanized model. Though the irony may be lost on the kids who see vulc as the future and cupsole as the heritage. Funny how these trends recycle themselves.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesAlso the blue comes in blue!

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesThe Rap CT’s canvas feels thick and sturdy but still flexes really well. The long toe has a great flick feeling to it.  Ollie and flip-tricks and going to wear so you may want to buy some shoe-goo for these. The durability of the rest of the shoes components are going to outlast your ollie spot for sure.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesAfter 3 skate sessions a small hole is opening up and this yellowish brown stain is coming up around from the foxing tape. It may be the effect of some glue residue and sweaty feet mixing and absorbing into the canvas.

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesSix sessions and a cranberry juice cocktail later; the top layer of canvas has ripped through. The lining is now showing. That extra layer of canvas connected to the lace cage is going to give some extra protection for the back ollie area.   These need to get goo’d ASAP!

Etnies vegan skateboard shoesDespite a little staining and some ollie holes these shoes are still solid. Plenty of life left on the soles and overall they feel great.  Sizing wise, the toes feel open. Not pointed and narrow.  Overall the shoe runs about a quarter size larger.

Highly recommended but don’t forget the Shoe-Goo. Etnies, can we can some in an all synthetic-upper?


White size 5-14 $59.99

Blue size 6-14 $59.99

Black sizes limited $59.99

Grey sizes limited $49.99

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