Animal-Liberationist Keith Mann and Cancer

I recently learned that Keith Mann, arguably the most infamous and outspoken Animal Liberationist, was diagnoseed with a form of cancer called Follicular lymphoma. Mann who was diagnosed in 2013, has decided to forgo modern cancer treatment methods, most of which have come about through animal testing.  His decision to take this path is surely controversial for many, (no matter the stance on animal rights) and certainly if you’re familiar with Mann’s brand of activism he may even come off as masochistic or arrogant.

Though it certainly is eerie, if you watch the the BBC (Hardtalk) interview posted above; In 2007 Keith was emphatic that he would not use cancer treatments gained by animal testing if he was afflicted. Call that principled or eating humble pie, Mann is setting an example. One that he does explicitly say that he only imposes on himself.

I first discover Keith Mann in 1996. I was newly vegan and very engaged with the ideas of Animal Liberation.  Angels of Mercy documentary had recently been released and I picked it up at a hardcore show.  Best Wishes to Keith and his family. Thank you for the inspirations and the countless lives you have made better through action and sacrifice.

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