Fallen Forte

Fallen Forte Vegan Skateboard shoesThe Forte is possibly the most consistently vegan skateboard shoe from Fallen. The company that is so much at the core of the skater-owned and operated ethos that the Chief himself is riding this signature shoe. No matter the season, you can count on at least one of the colorways coming in a cruelty free version. At the end of the Spring 13 season we have two!

Fallen Skateboard shoe Forte Vegan skateboard shoeLow profile and slim with a synthetic-suede and canvas upper in black and and all canvas upper in florescent yellow. The thin tongue and thin collar give it a light weight and agile fit, with vulcanized soles for one of the best board feels in the game. Lets not forget the paisley print detailing that lines those tootsies. Fancy.


Black/White Canvas/Synthetic-suede sizes 5-14 (no9s) $41.99

Florescent Yellow/White sizes 5-14 (no9.5) $50.99

Fallen Site

5 Vegan Colorways (use the guide below) $56.99

Fallen Forte Vegan Check list

All the models with the Green Hearts are confirmed Vegan!

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